Xia Xia Pets Hermit CrabFinding the right kind of toys for your own child or to give away to kids in your family and friends gets especially difficult around Christmas as everyone is exchanging gifts and toys with each other;…

…in order to help you find a good enough present for your child, the Xia-Xia company limited has launched a new range of Xia-Xia Pets Hermit Crab that can prove to be a very attractive gift for kids above the age of four years…

…– the company has designed the toys in such a way that they can be easily differentiated into those for boys and girls; in order to make them more attractive,…

…the people at XiaXia have made an entire story for the children to follow while they are playing with their Hermit Crab play set.

The Xia-Xia pets hermit crab are electronic toy crabs that have a detachable shell – every play set contains a free shell for the children to play with, but the additional shells have to be bought separately.

These shells are of different colors and can be detached and replaced by the children on their own. Collecting all the available colors help the children in building their very own Xia Xia pets hermit crab play set Rio de Trio Village which is the ultimate goal for every Xia-Xia Pets Hermit Crab collector.

The children can hold small meeting and fashion shows for their crab collection or they can even trade shells and crabs in their village – this gives them ideas and increases their creativity.

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Along with thing, they can get the Xia-Xia pets hermit crab play set confetti cottage to make their village look bigger and more attractive – since the developers of the game have made it in the form of a story, the children find the toys very engaging and are bend on buying as many shells and Xia-Xia pets hermit crab Play set Copacabana as possible.

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Unfortunately, the company does not allow online orders on its official website for the purchase of the play set but it can still be order online from other websites like amazon.com; otherwise the Xia-Xia per hermit crab can also be bought from any toy store near your place.

The company’s official website offers different games and pictures etc for the children to develop their interest in these electronic toys- these online games can be very useful for children in developing their understanding for colors and numbers.

Along with this, the company advises that the toys should not be put in water otherwise their electronic systems get damaged. Since the crabs have wheels, special care should be taken while the children are playing with them so that their hair etc do not get entangled in the wheels; the entire play set should be used under the watchful eye of an adult.

The crabs and cottages in the play set are unbreakable, so the Xia-Xia Pets Hermit Crabs are expected to last a very long time as long as the children are not too rough with their crabs. Lastly, these pet crabs should be kept away from real pets as swallowing them may even be fatal in some cases.