Ultimate Optimus PrimeIf you are a big fan of Transformers especially the character of Ultimate Optimus Prime, perhaps you will be glad to know that the newest Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime figure is now available.

This toy has a lot of amazing features which a fan like you will surely be delighted. They are not just ideal for collection but also great gift ideas especially during holiday season.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime was created by Hasbro. It was released during the wake of the newest installment of Transformers film entitled “Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon”

This latest Ultimate Optimus Prime figure has three various modes that can be transformed easily. The first is the default form known as the Robot Mode. In the event that he needed to camouflage himself, he can change to his second form which is the Trailer Mode.

It is a mode wherein he can store things inside trailer. Lastly, Power Up Mode is one of the most spectacular appearance wherein he can be precarious and dangerous character.

Power Up Mode is the most favorite mode of all the 3 modes. In this mode, Optimus can use his spectacular gun to fight his enemies and protect his colleagues. This amazing gun has its own sounds and light to add excitement when Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime is in action. This is a great toy if you are looking for action and fun.

The overall design of this amazing toy is very spectacular. It means it is considered as an ideal collector’s item and children’s toy too. The colors of Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime are very lively and the attention to every detail of this toy is included.

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The box of this toy is also impressive and one of a kind, every fan of Transformers loved this newest addition to their collection of toys. In fact it can be one of your main attractions or centerpiece of your collections.

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The Ultimate Optimus Prime is also noted for its height most especially when you compared it to the previous action figures of Optimus Prime. Many enthusiasts believed that it is the biggest figures they have produced. This toy has a measurement of 14.5 x 16 x 6. The appearance of this action toy is based on the film discussed above.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime is part of MechTech line. Meaning all of its weapons are compatible with the other types of weapons made by the MechTech. There are also wide arrays of attachment areas by using MechTech which is ideal to add more variant.

Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime is undeniably a must have toy this holiday season which can surely bring out the smile of kids and kids at heart. The feature of this toy offers ideal and the appearance is indisputably stunning as well as the contention as one of the best toys created this generation.

This makes this toy as an amazing gift ideas, collectors will surely love this new action figure to add to their numerous collections. So get your Ultimate Optimus Prime action figure now before the stock is out.