Lite SpritesChildren have a playful imagination, and there’s nothing more that can help your children built that imagination and help them enjoy it as well as nurture it but through the help of toys. If you have a little girl has not yet discovered the world of Lite Sprites, well don’t you worry!

This toy is great for your younger child, aging 6 and above and it not only gives them a chance to enjoy the world of sprites but this toy can stimulate the imagination of your child. The Lite Sprites toy is great and it’s much different from any other doll that there is!

There’s so much more to this toy than just a doll. The Lite Sprites doll is something fun and can help boost the imagination of your child. With a main story to each Lite Sprite character and this also includes some games that your child is sure to enjoy!

With a color hunt, Color mix and Memory you’re little girl has the choice and freedom to develop their skills with the help of Lite Sprites.

The lite wand is something genuine and undeniably special, giving your child the chance to pick up colors from the real world environment and into the world of the sprites! It’s perfect and fun for your little girl to enjoy!

The lite Sprite toy is a great gift for your child, because you can buy the parts for this particular item separately making this a perfect gift to get the family to buy! And since this special toy has a story behind it, it is sure to give your little girl something to be excited about.

The Lite Sprites has different product features like the lite wand that has the ability to collect colors anywhere.

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The Prisma, that includes 10 special colors that can be shared in her own forest pod. This toy can help your little girl develop a love for art as well as be an expert in color games.

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With the Lite-Topia play set, your child can cast color spells like a real sprite and this toy has colorful lights as well as magical sounds that are sure to brighten up your little girl’s day every time she plays!

Lite sprites can give your child a chance to be creative. As the lite want gives your little girl a chance to collect colors from the real world into the sprite world, the lite wands also has features like light displays as well as magical colors and the Lite-Topia SFX as well as an audio guide.

With the help of the Prisma she has the chance to share the colors as well as the rest of Lite-topia.

There are lots of chances for your child to enjoy her their childhood with the help of this toy, promising something magical everyday! Your little girl has the chance to do so many fun, great things as well as explore the fantasy world of the sprites with this Lite Sprites toy.