Top Christmas ToysLast year was a fun and exciting year. This year, the Top Toys For Christmas is here. We have gathered various sources from major retailers such as Hamley and Argo on the upcoming Top 10 Xmas Toys. Enjoy this Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Deals too.

This year, your kids will be engaged with many latest toys and the evergreen best sellers toys from electronic, plush and action figures.

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Top 10 Christmas Toys (Click Each Blue Link Below)

1. Teksta The Robotic Puppy – Let this interactive robot dog do some cool tricks for you.

2. The Lion Chi Temple – Lego legends of Chima 70010 is here tp bring some fun.

3. LeapPad Ultra – LeapPad tablets are well loved by boys and girls.

4. Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag – Disney junior playset for your girls.

5. Chasin Cheeky – Hasbro Elefun & Friends Game is simply fun for kids.

6. Sulley Monster Mask – Disney Pixar Monsters University fun character.

7. Robo Fish – Best seller Zuru toys for kids.

8. Furby Boom – Hasbro Polka Dots, Waves, Triangle, Peacock, Straight Stripes & Zigzag Stripes.

9. Big Hugs Elmo – Hasbro Playskool Sesame Street plush.

10. Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls – Twyla, Gigi Grant, Howleen Wolf, Casbah Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue dolls for your girls.

Christmas is a wonderful time to get together with your loved ones. Spending time eating, chatting and giving gifts to your special ones give everyone a wonderful feeling. Do read more on our list of toys reviews before your next purchase. We provide links for further information so you have a peace of mind before you purchase. Heard of coming Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale?

Getting your Top Toys For Christmas are some much fun and easier as we have done all the necessary researched. If you have visited the current Toy Fair, you will be amazed by all the coolest gadget. This year, remember to get your Dream Toy from our list of Top 10 Xmas Toys. Your kids, toddlers, boys and girls will simply love your wonderful gifts. Enjoy coming Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale too.

Rock Star MickeyMickey Mouse leaps from the small screen into the big stage with the Rock Star Mickey! Disney has been one of the most successful and popular children’s entertainment companies of all time.

This success is owed partly to the popularity of their famous characters, which have appeared in various television shows, video games, storybooks, movies, and almost any other kind of media.

However, none of these characters compare to the fame garnered by Disney’s figurehead and prime cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.
Disney’s head mouse has come a long way from the whistling, boat-steering black-and-white character of the 1928 film Steamboat Willie; …

…he has since appeared in more than a hundred animated shorts, starred in cartoon television shows such as House of Mouse, and has even had his famous visage transformed into CGI for the preschool-oriented show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Mickey has even starred in various videogames, such as the Kingdom Hearts franchise and the Epic Mickey video game for the Nintendo Wii. Yet Mickey’s main strength has always been in his appearances in various Disney toys and clothes.

Caps, shirts, pants, and accessories have long featured Mickey Mouse and his pals Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Daisy Duck in their various incarnations. Mickey stuffed toys have also been a staple of the children’s toy industry, with each line developing different poses and appearances for Mickey.

Today, Fisher-Price offers the latest in Mickey Mouse’s wacky adventures with the Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey, a great toy that showcases Mickey’s musical talent!

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Your kids will enjoy a great musical jamming session with their favorite cartoon character as he belts out a series of songs and sounds that will keep kids dancing to the beat throughout the day! The Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey comes with his own six string guitar, and is dressed in a striped shirt and matching red shoes that’s just excellent for rocking out!

Watch Video On Rock Star Mickey

Mickey can perform three catchy songs, and can communicate with your child with just the touch of a fuzzy nose! Plus, Mickey also gives your kids advice on how to be just like him, thanks to the ‘How to be a Rockstar’ mode!

Plus, what’s a rock star without dazzling poses and movements? This fun, party-loving Mickey comes with an extensive knowledge of the best rock star moves! From shaking his guitar and leaping left and right, and bobbing his head to the beat of his songs, to giving a lively kick as he pulls off a beat, Fisher Price’s latest stuffed toy is one of most energetic releases this year.

Your kids will feel special as they become the VIP audience for Mickey’s solo concert! Mickey also has special actions and lines for different occasions: when he’s really into the song, he’ll perform the Mickey-Split, one of his signature concert moves!

While kids will love Mickey’s guitar moves and kicks, parents will love the auto-shut off function that saves a lot on batteries (although they might have to put up with Mickey belting out his songs at a loud volume). For an afternoon of entertainment for your kids, Rock Star Mickey is the man (or mouse) to count on!

Lets Rock Elmo Music-loving children are going to love playing musical instruments even more when they see their favorite red-furred character in Let’s Rock Elmo!

Elmo has appeared in dozens of kid-friendly toys ever since his first appearance in the Jim Henson television series Sesame Street.

Along with other Muppets such as Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert, Elmo has played games, counted numbers, and taught preschoolers important educational lessons.

Since then, he has also starred in a solo series called Elmo’s World, in movies such as Elmo Says Boo! as well as in dozens of books, clothes, and games. Now, the wide-eyed, childlike red Muppet is going to hit the rock star circuit with the Let’s Rock Elmo stuffed toy!

This cuddly, energetic and lively stuffed toy is fully interactive, compatible with different instruments, and comes with different sound effects and actions that will bring laughter to your kids!

The Let’s Rock Elmo comes with a black shirt with his name emblazoned with a lightning bolt logo (reminiscent of several popular rock band logos), transforming him into the cutest rock star around!

He also comes with a microphone and a tambourine to belt out when he does his songs. For a preschool stuffed toy, Elmo contains quite a reasonably sized song set – his six unique and entertaining songs can provide an afternoon of entertainment for your kids.

Plus, for added musical entertainment, Elmo also comes with a pair of drums for a great musical beat!

Click Here For Let’s Rock Elmo

Children will have fun with the Let’s Rock Elmo, thanks to its interactive features and compatibility with other Let’s Rock toys! When your kid ‘gives’ a Let’s Rock instrument to Elmo, he recognizes the instrument and expresses his delight!

Watch Video On Lets Rock Elmo

When your kid places the drums in front of Elmo, he sees it and gives his own variety of comments! Pass him his drum set, and he’ll break out in a catchy song, one of them based on the popular ‘Elmo’s World’ theme song! Hand him his microphone, and he’ll announce to your kids that he’s about to sing one of his favorite tunes!

Plus, for additional fun, kids can press Elmo’s foot for more sounds and actions. The microphone, drum, and tambourine sets are great ways to start a groovy beat, but the fun doesn’t stop there: parents who’ve previously gotten Let’s Rock musical instruments for their kids will be pleased to know that Elmo can fully interact with these toys!

Other Let’s Rock instruments such as the Let’s Rock Guitar or Keyboard can also be used with Elmo, turning him into the ultimate versatile musician!
When your child uses his or her own Let’s Rock instrument, the Let’s Rock Elmo takes notice, and plays his own instruments to join your kid in a musical jamming session that they won’t forget!

Your kids will be surprised when they find out that their old Let’s Rock instruments unlock new and entertaining content from their beloved Muppet pal, Elmo! The Let’s Rock Elmo is the perfect musical pal for your toddlers, providing hours of entertainment that your little musicians will be sure to love!

Count 'n Crunch Cookie MonsterPlayskool and Sesame Street bring fun to your kids in a convenient, cuddly package with the Sesame Street Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster!

This adorable replica of Sesame Street’s resident cookie gourmand will be sure to bring smiles to your little preschooler’s faces with his lively voice and fully huggable plush body.

Your kids will have fun spending time with Cookie Monster, especially with the added fun of giving Cookie Monster his favorite treat: cookies!

Kids who have watched the Sesame Street television series are no stranger to the activities of its colorful characters.

The Count loves counting his possessions, Oscar the Grouch loves garbage, Elmo loves to play and sing, and of course, Cookie Monster loves cookies.

As in the television show, a fresh batch of cookie treats makes this friendly puppet happy, and your kids can help feed this big blue Muppet with the cookies included in every Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster’s love for the baked chocolatey treats has grown so much that he has made a song about it (‘C is for Cookie’), as well as having appeared in various talk shows in order to tell more about his love for the treats.

In one episode of comedian and media personality Stephen Colbert’s television show, Cookie Monster’s love for cookies even led him to eat Colbert’s similarly shaped-Peabody award.

Click Here For Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster

This fascination with cookies has become as much a part of the Muppet’s personality as his fuzzy blue fur.

Watch Video On Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster

One of the first things parents will notice about Cookie Monster is the addition of a big red backpack to his ensemble. Although viewers of Sesame Street might find this accessory new to the eyes, it’s a vital part of the Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster, as this is where he stores his everlasting pack of delicious cookies.

Your kids can join in the fun by feeding Cookie Monster cookies (he comes with three, chocolate-chip filled, extra large ones), while he counts

Monster Monster Talking PlushDon’t you just love plushies when you were a child? Some people of all ages would love to have a plush, to cuddle with and to hold. So, what are the best toys that you can give your little girl of boy? Why, the  Moshi Monsters Talking Plush would be the best choice for your little one!

They aren’t only adorable and huggable, but they can talk back with their talking feature, not only making them delightful toys to hold and hug, but can also be your child’s best friend as they talk back making them almost life like in the eyes of a child!

The  Moshi Monsters Talking Plush are a set of interactive toys that can respond and interact as you play and tickle with it.

There are 6 Moshi monsters to choose from as well as collect and once your little one has one of these lovable creatures, they will surely have a lot of fun playing with it!

All your child has to do with this Moshi Monsters Talking Plush is to squeeze the tummy and they can immediately hear them talk! As these toys come with an adoption certificate, your little girl or boy would have a sense of full responsibility to this adorable plush toy!

One great thing about the Moshi Monsters Talking Plush is that it is perfect for both boys and girls and each Moshi Monster looks differently from one another so you have the freedom to choose which one you or your child would want to have as well as choose one that might match your little one’s personality!

For the little boys, Diavlo who appears to look like a little devil, just like Zommer who might look scary is actually a very friendly and very loving Moshi monster!

Click Here For Moshi Monsters Talking Plush

For little girls, there is the moshi monster that would be perfect for your little girl! And this moshi monster is known by the name of Poppet who is in the color that every little girl would love (pink) and appears to be friendly, cheerful and girly!

Watch Video On Moshi Monsters Talking Plush

Perfect for a princess type little girl!There is also Katsuma who looks a lot like a cute little kitty cat and Luvli who looks like a strawberry! These toys would be perfect for children ages 4 and above.

There have been a great amount of love and respect through customer feedback about the Moshi Monsters Talking Plush, saying that their children loved and adores the toy itself and states that this is a perfect toy because it interacts with their children.

The Moshi Monsters Talking Plush has a perfectly good size and talks in cute moshi language that children adore so much! If you’re interested in buying a Moshi Monsters Talking Plush, they are available in Amazon with a good price and with a free super saver shipping deal, you can save up!

The Moshi Monster Talking Plush is not only adorable, but is very much lovable for their looks as well as their interacting feature that makes this a perfect toy for your little boy or girl!