Mindflex Duel GameThe toy icon is recently updating the Mindflex 2009 edition (a solo game with 5 obstacle courses) with this enhanced version, a rivalry game in which efficient concentration of the mind conquers the game. Sharpen your focus and bulk up your brain while you battle with friends with the Mindflex Duel Game hands-free challenge.

The game is played by two (2) persons engaging in the battle of extreme “mind-eye” concentration (based on the makers of Mindflex which is the original mental perception game). This mind game makes Science Fiction a reality.

The incredible Mindflex Duel Game comes with two (2) lightweight headsets that you will strap on your head and make sure you connect its sensor clip to your earlobe, aligning the strap’s metal sensor so that it will flush against your forehead.

Through the use of advanced technology, the headsets can sense brain activity which allows the two players to increase the foam ball in order to move it across the game board.

The players’ headsets are specified to have a sensor on the forehead (that is comparable with the clinical EEG) that serves to measure up brainwaves in order to command the foam ball to suspend on a stream of air for a period of time that a mind could concentrate.

The more the concentration, the better for each player to have the chance to drive the ball towards the opponent’s end, thus, winning the game. To control the sphere and master the five (5) challenges interactively, one needs intense concentration while allowing time to relax in between.

How to move the ball with “mind-eye” concentration? Though a moderate stream of air from the game board helps the ball rise, it is all up to your own power of concentration to drive it through the obstacles.

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By defying gravity and sharpen your mental focus, your mind can move the ball vertically and laterally. Just concentrate harder to make the ball rise, after a while you can relax your mind to let the ball fall. Mindflex Duel Game has an instructional manual with practice exercises and tips to help you achieve the perfect “mind-eye” concentration.

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While you are not literally controlling the foam ball in the Mindflex Duel Game (you are controlling its motor in the fan. It is much exciting to play by two rather than solo for it appears more thrilling and competitive.

In short, the players’ brain activity triggers the motors of the game platform in order for it to hover the ball all the way to the opponent’s side. How amazing this technology is when the player’s mind is being read by the forehead sensor that sends messages to the game platform.

Mindflex Duel Game is like a telekinesis for the promising Jedi in you. It is not recommended for toddlers but for grownup kids from 8 years of age and above. It can be played head to head, or solo or co-op modes for many hours of amazing telekinetic fun.

The package consists of headsets with sensors, a game board, hurdles and hoops, and also chutes just in case you wish to design your own obstacle. You are required to put three (6) AAA batteries for the two headsets. Make the screwdriver always handy for you will need it to replace worn out batteries.

The mental activity meters are located on each of the platform’s end.  It reflects your brain activity levels. As your power to concentrate becomes stronger, the light will rise from bottom to the top of the gauge and turn from red to green.

If at first you do not succeed playing the Mindflex Duel Game, do not be upset, you do not have to tense your jaw muscles just to move the ball, learn the basics first and develop through it by and by.  If your opponent can easily move the ball to your side, it just shows that his is a better brain.