Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board GameBoard games have recently been getting the reputation of long and boring hence, being ignored by children and adults alike due to the popularity of online games and gaming applications especially on social networks like Facebook.

In a successful attempt to revive the tradition of playing board games, Mattel has released the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game which is an action game based on the top selling phone application Angry Birds.

While it is great playing this game on your Macbook, PC or your iPhone but now, you don’t have to get disappointed if there is a power cut or the battery of your phone is down.

The Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game is the perfect way to spend time with your children and keep them fascinated with the original concept of the game.

The PC version of the game, Angry Birds revolves around users using a slingshot to hurl wingless birds at pigs that are present at multiple locations on the battlefield.

As the users finish each level of the game, they are able to use different types of birds some of which have special abilities. Initially designed and sold for the Apple’s iOS, the game’s version for personal computers and gaming consoles was also designed soon after.

The Angry Birds officially has the largest number of mobile applications sold so far mainly because of its low price, addictive and playful and comical nature. Now, children and adults who love playing this game on their computers can play it in real-life as well with actual angry bird figures and pigs.

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About two to four players can play the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game which includes a playing field and includes more or less the same rules that are followed on the online version of this game. You can build obstacles; launch your angry birds at the wooden castles of the pigs who steal eggs in order to destroy them and then advance to the next levels.

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The Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game consists of a bird launcher, multiple wooden pieces, three Angry Birds and four pigs. Playing this board game consists of drawing cards of various points, building a structure on this card and then destroying it with your bird launcher.

Different birds can be used for different rules and levels of the game. More fun and excitement is added to the game because of the fourth level mission cards which allow for far more creativity on part of the players.

Introduced for the first time in May 2011, Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game is a great holiday present for children. You can bring the virtual fund of building and taking down obstacles to your living room and involve your entire family by challenging each other to games and different levels.

You can even start experimenting with distances that is, different players can try hitting the pig castles from varying distances to see how far and precise you can hit the egg stealing pigs.

Hot Wheels Video RacersHot Wheels has long been a popular brand for toy cars and mini race tracks. Millions of children have enjoyed playing with these miniature cars, which feature models of different styles and colors.

Hot Wheels come in various models, from scale replicas of actual modern and classic cars, to adaptations of famous fictional vehicles such as the Batmobile and Speed Racer’s Mach 5, and even bizarre transformed versions of existing models, which have been done with the Fatbax and Hardnoze lines.

Now, Hot Wheels takes the mini-car racing excitement to a whole new level with the Hot Wheels Video Racer, which allows you to view the world from the inside of your car!

Kids will have hours of fun and excitement controlling the Hot Wheels Video Racer, thanks to its unique video camera attachment. Despite almost reaching the size of an average Hot Wheels car, this 1:64 scale vehicle is a powerhouse that’s able to record its journey during your kid’s gameplay!

A lens at the front of the car offers a view that transforms the captured video into something that appears to come from the driver seat’s point of view. When a skull-shaped button at the top of the car is pressed, a light signifies that the camera is ready to record.

This easy on-and-off function allows even the youngest owners to record the Hot Wheels Video Racer’s races on the go!

The Hot Wheels Video Racer is one of the most unique Hot Wheels models on the market today. Kids can set the Video Racer on their multi-looped, high-octane Hot Wheels race tracks and see how it really feels driving through intense circuits such as the Smash Tail and the Mega Chomp track sets.

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Even when kids get tired of racing, the Video Racer can be used as great video camera.
The car’s small camera packs a reasonable amount of video capturing capability at 30-60 frames per second, and can be attached anywhere from helmets, desks, pockets and many other surfaces!

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The Racer comes in two main filming modes: when capturing events from the track, kids can choose the QVGA mode for track shots, and can be switched to regular VGA mode for non-racing use. The button controls makes switching filming modes an easy task that can be done even by the youngest Hot Wheel enthusiast!

This fun race car-slash-video camera is perfect for those kids who love making films and can’t wait to see what it’s like behind the seat of a Hot Wheels car – an LCD screen built beneath the car allows for instant playback while still making the car compatible with regular Hot Wheels racetrack sets.

The 12-24 minutes of recording time can be easily saved with the quick-push buttons that allow your kid to save good shots and delete unsatisfactory ones, and with the light-up memory meter, you’ll always know when it’s time to upload your videos to the computer to free up some space.

Plus, the Video Racer also comes with additional software to edit, save, and share your kid’s videos! Kids can include music, additional images, sound effects, and other special add-ons in order to make the perfect Hot Wheels movie, thanks to the downloadable software’s kid-friendly interface!

These videos are easy to share and upload, giving your kid the chance to own his personal video camera without having to get him an expensive piece of gadgetry! The Hot Wheels Video Racer is the ultimate in kid’s race car playtime!

Fijit FriendsWe know that we only want the best for our children. The best education, the best clothing, the best everything! And there is no denying that you also want the best toys for your own child!

If you’re looking and still are in search of the perfectly cool and fun interactive toy for your precious little girl then the new Fijit Friends is most definitely the best choice you have!

These toys will guarantee to make your little girl smile! Because of this toys friendly, colorful and chatty creatures that will be sure to catch the attention of your little girl as well as her imagination!

The Figit Friends toys are fantastic creatures that came to exist from a magical and gooey science experiment that is powered by nothing more than music!

These lovable creatures have five members, and five Fijit Friends to choose from! They all have different and a quite unique characters as well as personalities that your little one can choose from!

There is Serafina known to be the girly and sweet Fijit. Willa, the cool and trendy Fijit. Logan, the sporty fijit and of course there is the adventurous fijit named Sage.

Each one of these Fijit Friends embodies unique and lovable characters and they all will interact with your beloved little one differently. They are all extremely delightful and cute creatures that have a rubbery, supple skin that allows these Fijit Friends to move freely and in a much more realistic way then most toys would.

These toys have an array of features that make them the perfect toy for your little girl! They have interactive features such as beat detection, voice recognition, dance more as well as 150 built-in responses that can allow your little girl to chat, joke and even sing with their Fijit Friend.

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These toys can even recognize up to 30 commands and your little girl can enjoy as she can ask her fijit friend to give an opinion about how your girl looks as well as tell a joke and this toy will respond with funny and even positive comments!

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This toys beat detection means that if your child would listen to a slow type of music, the Fijit Friend will respond and act accordingly that can match her feelings and mood and on the other hand, if your little girl plays a fast beat or funky type of music, the Figit Friends that she would own will interact and dance to match that certain mood!

Each one of these toy have their own different and adorable ears that can be taken off or removes as well and with its soft and squishy texture, it responds to your child’s touch so your little girl can poke and tickle this toy as well as watch it wiggle and bounce!

The Fijit Friends toy has eyes that light up with a certain mood and characteristic and it is a sure way to make your young one happy! You and your loved one are sure to be entertained.

Disney Singing PrincessesDisney has always brought to us princesses that we all love and admire when we were all children. Like Ariel and Snow White. They not only embody a beautiful lady, but they also have a kind heart, something that your child would surely find worth the adoration.

So with a beautiful face, should also comes a beautiful voice that matches with her pleasant personality. You cannot deny the fact that Disney Princesses have beautiful voices and sometimes it is through them that young children grow with this talent in particular.

So what better way to develop a young child’s singing voice but through the help of Disney Singing Princesses dolls as well as sing-along’s that they would surely enjoy!

The Disney Singing Princesses dolls are great for young girls who enjoyed the Disney movies! Who are these Disney Singing Princesses dolls that can catch your little girl’s attention?

From Disney’s new movie, comes Rapunzel who has the voice that is filled with playful confidence. Rapunzel, like the other Disney Singing Princesses dolls can sing your little girl a song and inspire her when you touch her hand!

And in fact, Rapunzel sings songs that are also featured in the movie with the voice of the actual celebrity that has lent their voices to the Disney characters themselves.

Aside from Disney’s Tangled, the Disney Singing Princesses dolls has a wide variety and choices of as well as a collection of well known figures from the Disney films way back from the classic to the very new and recent Disney pictures.

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Each of these beautiful princesses has one of her beautiful dresses and sings one of the popular songs from the film that she stars in. All your little girl needs to do with this toy is hold her hand to make that certain princess sing.

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There are different choices from the variety of Disney Singing Princesses collection and one of the most famous of these doll is no other than Cinderella who wears a sparkling gown and a blue satin ribbon in her hair.

She sings the song “A dream is a wish your heart makes”. Another one of the princesses is Ariel from the Disney movie, ‘The little Mermaid’. She wears a self stick fabric ensemble that has an elastic waist and when your little girl holds Ariel’s hand, this Disney Singing Princesses doll will sing “Part of your World.”

There are other Disney Singing Princesses dolls that your little girl will surely enjoy no matter who you are favorite Childs favorite character might be, you can find them easily and each doll has an articulating arms and legs making her easy to move to make the princess change posses.

Because it is believed that in every little girl there is a Princess, that’s why Disney Singing Princesses dolls would be something that would be perfect for your little girl. This will make her feel like a princess herself and further enjoy her childhood holding the hand of a Disney princess that will sing to her and give life to her imagination.

Barbie Puppy Water ParkAll little girls would love to have their hands on the prettiest doll there is. A doll who embodies a classy woman who would inspire them to be just like her when they get older.

Barbie has always given little girls good morals; she has always been loved and adored throughout the years.

If your little girl loves everything about Barbie, then you need to have a closer look at the Barbie Puppy Water Park that is tipped and known to be the best selling toy to all those little girls who adores Barbie!

You cannot deny the fact that Barbie has always been loved and admired by little girls, and the Barbie Puppy water Park play set is no different!

You can be assured that your child will love this toy for hours and have fun with Barbie and her cute, adorable puppies in the water park.

The Barbie Puppy water Park play set is something that is most definitely the perfect gift to give your little girl with promises of hours of playtime and fun!

The Barbie Puppy Water Park includes a pool to be filled with water, a Barbie doll wearing a two pieced swimsuit with a water gun in hand, a water slide complete with a tower and a gateway found halfway down the slide, …

a fully working as well as a fun Ferris wheel,two pet puppies as well as their accessories and a lovely pink, yellow and baby blue design that your little girl would surely love! And the best part of this play set is that it is so easy to assemble!

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The Barbie Puppy Water Park is a very affordable toy as it includes a wide variety of girly and cute accessories that your little girl will undeniably love and enjoy. Barbie fans from all over the world will get hours of enjoyment from this toy.

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This play set is suitable for children from ages 3 up especially for children who are 5 years to 7 years older. It isn’t suitable for children under the age of 3 because of its small parts.

You can buy this play set on Amazon and at present time, they may include a super save shipping. You can save up on your cash and at the same time bring happiness to your little girl! The Barbie Puppy Water Park is a great toy that your little girl can enjoy with hours of play time and is a great value for your money!

If your little girl loves and enjoys Barbie, then you are sure to have this play set to give your child everything that she will love and enjoy with Barbie and her puppies with its pool and slide set.

We all want the best only for our children, something that they will love and admire as well as cherish and enjoy. So if you only want the best for your little girl, you should never count Barbie out for the enjoyment of your little girl!