Smokey The Fire TruckKids! If until now you have not heard of the recent Big Rig Buddies (by Matchbox) toy, you have been missing out on a lot. In fact, a new edition of its line has just been added.

The Smokey The Fire Truck toy, with its unique features that any boy would love to own had been showcased early this year as one of the attractions at the New York Toy Fair.

Matchbox is a quality name in smart boys’ toy cars and trucks. It has earned its popularity because of its finest materials and state-of-the-art technology in providing nothing but the best and unique toys for today’s children, in fact, Matchbox has turned out to be a household name.

If until now you have not tried its product, the Smokey The Fire Truck toy is a sure hit to be your kid’s first.

As this fire engine toy mimics a real talk, maybe, you would like to consider buying a suitable fire truck toy (for tots and grownup kids) that is so kid-friendly, and is considerably a smart buy that adds more value to your money.

Smokey The Fire Truck toy can actually fight fires for it comes with movable hoses that really spray water mist, an expandable ladder and all the necessary fire truck equipments your kids will adore playing with.

Children could load him up with those tiny blue balls that appeared to look like water cannon balls that are aimed and fired to shoot out fires. Kids are somehow prompted for a reload when it says he is thirsty.

He is a freewheeling buddy for push-around play, making it more challenging for small kids to skid him along. Smokey The Fire Truck toy is equipped with specialized sensors to respond with the child’s movement. Aside from the fire engine sound it produces, its lighting action changes consistently depending on its battery life.

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Kids will sure love playing and interacting with their new-found friend in Smokey because it can talk, sing, eat, and do some exercises, and even can tell jokes in fun vocals that would amaze anyone seeing him. He can even dance and do robotic acts to entertain your kids even further.

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This new version of interactive games will be out in the market by Fall at a very reasonable price … that is quite fair for early Christmas shoppers.  They are to suit children from three (3) years of age and above.

Smokey The Fire Truck toy will be available only in the USA and UK until its demand grew global that it will extend shipping to different parts of the world. Hurry before supply lasts, grab this new edition to your kid’s toys.

Smokey The Fire Truck toy is not just an ordinary truck toy, it continues the tradition of delighting small tots and even grownup kids to really get hooked and spend quality time playing indoors.  It is a real fire truck engine brought to life. See for yourself and avail its introductory offer.

You cannot help giving good ratings and providing best reviews for this product the moment your kids thank you enough for buying him this most precious gift.