Rock Star MickeyMickey Mouse leaps from the small screen into the big stage with the Rock Star Mickey! Disney has been one of the most successful and popular children’s entertainment companies of all time.

This success is owed partly to the popularity of their famous characters, which have appeared in various television shows, video games, storybooks, movies, and almost any other kind of media.

However, none of these characters compare to the fame garnered by Disney’s figurehead and prime cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.
Disney’s head mouse has come a long way from the whistling, boat-steering black-and-white character of the 1928 film Steamboat Willie; …

…he has since appeared in more than a hundred animated shorts, starred in cartoon television shows such as House of Mouse, and has even had his famous visage transformed into CGI for the preschool-oriented show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Mickey has even starred in various videogames, such as the Kingdom Hearts franchise and the Epic Mickey video game for the Nintendo Wii. Yet Mickey’s main strength has always been in his appearances in various Disney toys and clothes.

Caps, shirts, pants, and accessories have long featured Mickey Mouse and his pals Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Daisy Duck in their various incarnations. Mickey stuffed toys have also been a staple of the children’s toy industry, with each line developing different poses and appearances for Mickey.

Today, Fisher-Price offers the latest in Mickey Mouse’s wacky adventures with the Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey, a great toy that showcases Mickey’s musical talent!

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Your kids will enjoy a great musical jamming session with their favorite cartoon character as he belts out a series of songs and sounds that will keep kids dancing to the beat throughout the day! The Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey comes with his own six string guitar, and is dressed in a striped shirt and matching red shoes that’s just excellent for rocking out!

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Mickey can perform three catchy songs, and can communicate with your child with just the touch of a fuzzy nose! Plus, Mickey also gives your kids advice on how to be just like him, thanks to the ‘How to be a Rockstar’ mode!

Plus, what’s a rock star without dazzling poses and movements? This fun, party-loving Mickey comes with an extensive knowledge of the best rock star moves! From shaking his guitar and leaping left and right, and bobbing his head to the beat of his songs, to giving a lively kick as he pulls off a beat, Fisher Price’s latest stuffed toy is one of most energetic releases this year.

Your kids will feel special as they become the VIP audience for Mickey’s solo concert! Mickey also has special actions and lines for different occasions: when he’s really into the song, he’ll perform the Mickey-Split, one of his signature concert moves!

While kids will love Mickey’s guitar moves and kicks, parents will love the auto-shut off function that saves a lot on batteries (although they might have to put up with Mickey belting out his songs at a loud volume). For an afternoon of entertainment for your kids, Rock Star Mickey is the man (or mouse) to count on!