New Furby 2012 Top 10 ColorsMeet all New Furby 2012 in 10 great colors…Furby was the first-ever electronic pet that entered the electronic revolution and swept through toy stores all over the world.

It is said that it has higher artificial intelligence levels than most toy models; it bears a resemblance to a hamster or an owl-like creature.

Rumor has it that some intelligence agencies prohibited them from their offices. Unfortunately, it was not true since it is in fact quite a simple toy which can be treated as a human-like friend.

New Furby 2012 is a furry creature which can communicate with such other high-tech gadgets as iPads and iPhones. Furbish is its official language; it can speak short words, dictate easy syllables, and create different sounds.

Playing with the Furby is just simple. Users must prepare at least four AA alkaline batteries. It also comes with a Furby app where it works with gadgets that comprise of iPhone with versions iOS 4.2 or beyond, iPad, and iPod touch.

People can ‘feed’ the mascot with such foods as hot chili, communicate, play music, tickle, shake, and allow it to move in different directions.

With an interactive dictionary, users can share their thoughts by allowing it to respond very quickly. The complete Furbish dictionary can be browsed online and in the free application software where it can translate every word or phrase from the original Furbish into the traditional English language.

Furby was launched on the last quarter of 1998 by Tiger Electronics. It became the most in-demand toy, selling more than 40 million units in its first three years of operations.

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Those mascots were six inches tall having light sensors on their faces that are used for communicating with other Furbies and a heart-shaped infrared port. They are fluent in their native Furbish language; however, they were re-programmed to gradually adjust to speak English as an official worldwide language.

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The year 2005 saw the release of a brand-new set of Furbies. With further changes and improvements, it included such high-tech features as voice-recognition and more versatile facial gestures.

All products, including the Emoto-Tronic Furbies, were sold to Hasbro in the market for two years until the last quarter of 2007. After five consecutive years of absence, a New Furby collection comes to life – available in ten different colors.

These colors include purple, teal, purple/pink, orange/red, white, black, yellow, light blue, purple, and dark light/blue. Today, these Furby 2012 items are available in major stores and can also be ordered online through E-Bay and Amazon.

The Furby 2012 Edition will be the perfect Christmas gift for long-time fans – and even for those who are new to the furby. Manufacturing giant Hasbro has already added state-of-the-art features such as the iPad app. It is truly one of the top toys for boys, girls and toddlers too.

With ten different New Furby 2012 collection toys to be sold in stores worldwide, each product costs between US $50 to $100 or between Php 2000 to Php 4000. With more colors to be added during the holidays, customers can start making friends with the Furbies by allowing them to speak Furbish words and treating them as a best friend.