Lets Rock Elmo Music-loving children are going to love playing musical instruments even more when they see their favorite red-furred character in Let’s Rock Elmo!

Elmo has appeared in dozens of kid-friendly toys ever since his first appearance in the Jim Henson television series Sesame Street.

Along with other Muppets such as Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert, Elmo has played games, counted numbers, and taught preschoolers important educational lessons.

Since then, he has also starred in a solo series called Elmo’s World, in movies such as Elmo Says Boo! as well as in dozens of books, clothes, and games. Now, the wide-eyed, childlike red Muppet is going to hit the rock star circuit with the Let’s Rock Elmo stuffed toy!

This cuddly, energetic and lively stuffed toy is fully interactive, compatible with different instruments, and comes with different sound effects and actions that will bring laughter to your kids!

The Let’s Rock Elmo comes with a black shirt with his name emblazoned with a lightning bolt logo (reminiscent of several popular rock band logos), transforming him into the cutest rock star around!

He also comes with a microphone and a tambourine to belt out when he does his songs. For a preschool stuffed toy, Elmo contains quite a reasonably sized song set – his six unique and entertaining songs can provide an afternoon of entertainment for your kids.

Plus, for added musical entertainment, Elmo also comes with a pair of drums for a great musical beat!

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Children will have fun with the Let’s Rock Elmo, thanks to its interactive features and compatibility with other Let’s Rock toys! When your kid ‘gives’ a Let’s Rock instrument to Elmo, he recognizes the instrument and expresses his delight!

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When your kid places the drums in front of Elmo, he sees it and gives his own variety of comments! Pass him his drum set, and he’ll break out in a catchy song, one of them based on the popular ‘Elmo’s World’ theme song! Hand him his microphone, and he’ll announce to your kids that he’s about to sing one of his favorite tunes!

Plus, for additional fun, kids can press Elmo’s foot for more sounds and actions. The microphone, drum, and tambourine sets are great ways to start a groovy beat, but the fun doesn’t stop there: parents who’ve previously gotten Let’s Rock musical instruments for their kids will be pleased to know that Elmo can fully interact with these toys!

Other Let’s Rock instruments such as the Let’s Rock Guitar or Keyboard can also be used with Elmo, turning him into the ultimate versatile musician!
When your child uses his or her own Let’s Rock instrument, the Let’s Rock Elmo takes notice, and plays his own instruments to join your kid in a musical jamming session that they won’t forget!

Your kids will be surprised when they find out that their old Let’s Rock instruments unlock new and entertaining content from their beloved Muppet pal, Elmo! The Let’s Rock Elmo is the perfect musical pal for your toddlers, providing hours of entertainment that your little musicians will be sure to love!