Learning Zebra ScooterWith the gift-giving season just around the corner, you can start checking out toy stores for the coolest toys to give children. Picking out the perfect gift for your kids can be a challenge with so many options to choose from.

When shopping for the right toy, the most important things to look for are whether they are fun and educational. This is where the Learning Zebra Scooter comes in.

This could be the best gift you could ever give as it has a lot of interesting features. This is a 3-in-1 toy which can serve as a walker for kids under 18 months old, a ride-on bike for 24-month olds and above, and it can be a stand-up scooter for those are aged starting at 36 months old.

This Learning Zebra Scooter is lightweight equipped with flashy light-up mane; enjoyable animal sounds, and familiar children’s songs that they can easily sing along. It also has a bright colored basket which contains the other accessories.

It runs on two AA batteries. The mane has five different colored buttons that light up at the sound and voice of animals. Your kids will learn about colors and animals as you utilize it as a walker.

With the accessories – walkie-talkie, compass, and a flashlight – your toddler will not have a dull moment while riding the learning zebra toy.

Conversion from a walker to a sit-on scooter is easy by simply adjusting the angle position of the seat as it easily flips up to serve as handle, while the storage basket is converted as a floor runner. The Learning Zebra Scooter is indeed a versatile toy.

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This innovative toy which you can buy from online stores or physical toy stores, makes learning more fun for young children. It helps stimulate your child’s mental development. It makes learning fun and exciting with the brightly colored lights, different animal sounds, and beautiful children’s songs.

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It is a great learning tool since your kids will learn all about colors, animals and places. Your kid will not have a hard time operating the scooter as it operates at a push of a button.

The idea of being a 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter, gives you value for your money. This is also the perfect gift since this is ultra-functional and there is no need to purchase a separate walker. Your own kid will appreciate this colorful learning zebra. As it develops a child’s physical motor, they get to feel how fun it is to travel around with their very own vehicle.

Exploring an adventure all by themselves will be good for the kids. As it enhances their listening skills and attention span, it provides for them some physical activities to keep them healthy. It helps trigger a child’s imagination as he or she role plays.

It is made only from quality materials and can withstand the forces of nature. It is safe and sturdy. While it can easily be operated, adult supervision is still important so that no untoward incidents might happen as kids play.

Consider giving your kid a Learning Zebra Scooter, he or she will appreciate it and love you more!