LeapFrog LeapBandLeapFrog LeapBand comes in 3 fun colors – pink, green and blue. With 50 fun challenges, it is a fun activity tracker that encourages healthy habits and active play for kids.

Enjoy the customizable pet pal as they play games and complete all the challenges together. Start to earn points caring for a pet pal, completing challenges, earn points and unlock rewards.

Using motion tracking technology, LeapBand can accurately measures a child’s activity anytime during the day. Children can follow their own activity progress as seen on the energy bar of LeapBand screen.

Every wiggle, run, jump and dance earns points and rewards. Specially for kids, all the controls are simple to use. Audio challenges and animated graphics bring fun and motivation to kids.

To expands the play of LeapFrog’s LeapBand, use the Petathlon Games App and can earn points for being active. Customized digital pets like unicorns, penguins and more to compete in fun and exciting competitions.

Let them win pet accessories and medals that sync back to LeapBand. Now, your children will learn that staying active and being healthy is fun. Truly a motivation game for all kids!

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Research shows that physical movements and active play are critical to kids’s health. LeapBand is make to increase physical activities in an engaging, fun and imaginative. Leapfrog LeapBand can be a superb tool to enhance your child’s healthy development.