InnoTab Interactive Learning TabletRemember when VTech came out with a children’s educational laptop? Now that tablet PCs are the in thing, the toy company has once again created something that kids will surely love, the InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet. This tablet PC made especially for kids has a lot of different features that kids will enjoy.

Similar to a tablet PC, it has a 5 inch colored touch screen with tilt sensor. This ground-breaking tablet gives your kid a different learning experience. It has excellent learning applications such as education games, e-books, and creative activities.

The InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet will help enhance your kid’s learning skills with its different interactive e-books, which features narration, vivid graphics and sounds, excellent music, and even character voices. Kids are able to interact with the animated characters.

While reading, the words are highlighted and if there are new words that they do not understand, they can simply touch the screen and they will hear the word’s proper pronunciation. They will also be able to know the definitions of the words, and a story dictionary feature relates the meaning of the word in the context of the story.

Kids are fond of games and what a way to make them learn while they are playing is get them this InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet. You don’t have to worry if they are glued to their tablet PC for hours because you are assured that they are definitely learning something.

This device makes learning more fun for them – with the multimedia players they can listen to music and watch a view, plus there is an art studio wherein they get to practice their drawing skills with the use of their fingers or the stylus that comes with the device.

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Make them learn about colors with the virtual coloring book. There is even a calendar where kids can learn how to schedule their activities. The address book lets them store numbers of their friends, as well as their family. A calculator function is also thrown in.

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Since the InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet comes with a USB cable, you can connect it with your computer, as it is compatible with Mac and PC, so you can download additional applications, games, and more e-books from VTech’s Learning Lodge. Through the site, too, you can keep track of your kid’s learning progress.

Aside from the MP3 and video players, this device has a photo and image viewer. It comes with a built in memory of 64 MB; however, it has an SD card slot to expand storage capacity. You can also purchase extra software cartridges for more e-books and creative activities featuring your kid’s favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, the gang from Toy Story, and Dora the Explorer.

The InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet is more than just a toy for kids. This tablet PC is built for kid’s use so you can be sure of its durability, while it has a sleek design. It measures 9 x 1 x 10 inches and weighs about 2.4 pounds and comes in two colors, pink and blue. It is ideal for us for children aged 4-9 years old.

If you want to ensure your kids are learning properly, replace their game consoles and get them the InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet.