Hot Wheels Video RacersHot Wheels has long been a popular brand for toy cars and mini race tracks. Millions of children have enjoyed playing with these miniature cars, which feature models of different styles and colors.

Hot Wheels come in various models, from scale replicas of actual modern and classic cars, to adaptations of famous fictional vehicles such as the Batmobile and Speed Racer’s Mach 5, and even bizarre transformed versions of existing models, which have been done with the Fatbax and Hardnoze lines.

Now, Hot Wheels takes the mini-car racing excitement to a whole new level with the Hot Wheels Video Racer, which allows you to view the world from the inside of your car!

Kids will have hours of fun and excitement controlling the Hot Wheels Video Racer, thanks to its unique video camera attachment. Despite almost reaching the size of an average Hot Wheels car, this 1:64 scale vehicle is a powerhouse that’s able to record its journey during your kid’s gameplay!

A lens at the front of the car offers a view that transforms the captured video into something that appears to come from the driver seat’s point of view. When a skull-shaped button at the top of the car is pressed, a light signifies that the camera is ready to record.

This easy on-and-off function allows even the youngest owners to record the Hot Wheels Video Racer’s races on the go!

The Hot Wheels Video Racer is one of the most unique Hot Wheels models on the market today. Kids can set the Video Racer on their multi-looped, high-octane Hot Wheels race tracks and see how it really feels driving through intense circuits such as the Smash Tail and the Mega Chomp track sets.

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Even when kids get tired of racing, the Video Racer can be used as great video camera.
The car’s small camera packs a reasonable amount of video capturing capability at 30-60 frames per second, and can be attached anywhere from helmets, desks, pockets and many other surfaces!

Watch Video On Hot Wheels Video Racer

The Racer comes in two main filming modes: when capturing events from the track, kids can choose the QVGA mode for track shots, and can be switched to regular VGA mode for non-racing use. The button controls makes switching filming modes an easy task that can be done even by the youngest Hot Wheel enthusiast!

This fun race car-slash-video camera is perfect for those kids who love making films and can’t wait to see what it’s like behind the seat of a Hot Wheels car – an LCD screen built beneath the car allows for instant playback while still making the car compatible with regular Hot Wheels racetrack sets.

The 12-24 minutes of recording time can be easily saved with the quick-push buttons that allow your kid to save good shots and delete unsatisfactory ones, and with the light-up memory meter, you’ll always know when it’s time to upload your videos to the computer to free up some space.

Plus, the Video Racer also comes with additional software to edit, save, and share your kid’s videos! Kids can include music, additional images, sound effects, and other special add-ons in order to make the perfect Hot Wheels movie, thanks to the downloadable software’s kid-friendly interface!

These videos are easy to share and upload, giving your kid the chance to own his personal video camera without having to get him an expensive piece of gadgetry! The Hot Wheels Video Racer is the ultimate in kid’s race car playtime!