Fijit FriendsWe know that we only want the best for our children. The best education, the best clothing, the best everything! And there is no denying that you also want the best toys for your own child!

If you’re looking and still are in search of the perfectly cool and fun interactive toy for your precious little girl then the new Fijit Friends is most definitely the best choice you have!

These toys will guarantee to make your little girl smile! Because of this toys friendly, colorful and chatty creatures that will be sure to catch the attention of your little girl as well as her imagination!

The Figit Friends toys are fantastic creatures that came to exist from a magical and gooey science experiment that is powered by nothing more than music!

These lovable creatures have five members, and five Fijit Friends to choose from! They all have different and a quite unique characters as well as personalities that your little one can choose from!

There is Serafina known to be the girly and sweet Fijit. Willa, the cool and trendy Fijit. Logan, the sporty fijit and of course there is the adventurous fijit named Sage.

Each one of these Fijit Friends embodies unique and lovable characters and they all will interact with your beloved little one differently. They are all extremely delightful and cute creatures that have a rubbery, supple skin that allows these Fijit Friends to move freely and in a much more realistic way then most toys would.

These toys have an array of features that make them the perfect toy for your little girl! They have interactive features such as beat detection, voice recognition, dance more as well as 150 built-in responses that can allow your little girl to chat, joke and even sing with their Fijit Friend.

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These toys can even recognize up to 30 commands and your little girl can enjoy as she can ask her fijit friend to give an opinion about how your girl looks as well as tell a joke and this toy will respond with funny and even positive comments!

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This toys beat detection means that if your child would listen to a slow type of music, the Fijit Friend will respond and act accordingly that can match her feelings and mood and on the other hand, if your little girl plays a fast beat or funky type of music, the Figit Friends that she would own will interact and dance to match that certain mood!

Each one of these toy have their own different and adorable ears that can be taken off or removes as well and with its soft and squishy texture, it responds to your child’s touch so your little girl can poke and tickle this toy as well as watch it wiggle and bounce!

The Fijit Friends toy has eyes that light up with a certain mood and characteristic and it is a sure way to make your young one happy! You and your loved one are sure to be entertained.