Count 'n Crunch Cookie MonsterPlayskool and Sesame Street bring fun to your kids in a convenient, cuddly package with the Sesame Street Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster!

This adorable replica of Sesame Street’s resident cookie gourmand will be sure to bring smiles to your little preschooler’s faces with his lively voice and fully huggable plush body.

Your kids will have fun spending time with Cookie Monster, especially with the added fun of giving Cookie Monster his favorite treat: cookies!

Kids who have watched the Sesame Street television series are no stranger to the activities of its colorful characters.

The Count loves counting his possessions, Oscar the Grouch loves garbage, Elmo loves to play and sing, and of course, Cookie Monster loves cookies.

As in the television show, a fresh batch of cookie treats makes this friendly puppet happy, and your kids can help feed this big blue Muppet with the cookies included in every Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster’s love for the baked chocolatey treats has grown so much that he has made a song about it (‘C is for Cookie’), as well as having appeared in various talk shows in order to tell more about his love for the treats.

In one episode of comedian and media personality Stephen Colbert’s television show, Cookie Monster’s love for cookies even led him to eat Colbert’s similarly shaped-Peabody award.

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This fascination with cookies has become as much a part of the Muppet’s personality as his fuzzy blue fur.

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One of the first things parents will notice about Cookie Monster is the addition of a big red backpack to his ensemble. Although viewers of Sesame Street might find this accessory new to the eyes, it’s a vital part of the Count ‘n Crunch Cookie Monster, as this is where he stores his everlasting pack of delicious cookies.

Your kids can join in the fun by feeding Cookie Monster cookies (he comes with three, chocolate-chip filled, extra large ones), while he counts