Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board GameBoard games have recently been getting the reputation of long and boring hence, being ignored by children and adults alike due to the popularity of online games and gaming applications especially on social networks like Facebook.

In a successful attempt to revive the tradition of playing board games, Mattel has released the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game which is an action game based on the top selling phone application Angry Birds.

While it is great playing this game on your Macbook, PC or your iPhone but now, you don’t have to get disappointed if there is a power cut or the battery of your phone is down.

The Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game is the perfect way to spend time with your children and keep them fascinated with the original concept of the game.

The PC version of the game, Angry Birds revolves around users using a slingshot to hurl wingless birds at pigs that are present at multiple locations on the battlefield.

As the users finish each level of the game, they are able to use different types of birds some of which have special abilities. Initially designed and sold for the Apple’s iOS, the game’s version for personal computers and gaming consoles was also designed soon after.

The Angry Birds officially has the largest number of mobile applications sold so far mainly because of its low price, addictive and playful and comical nature. Now, children and adults who love playing this game on their computers can play it in real-life as well with actual angry bird figures and pigs.

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About two to four players can play the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game which includes a playing field and includes more or less the same rules that are followed on the online version of this game. You can build obstacles; launch your angry birds at the wooden castles of the pigs who steal eggs in order to destroy them and then advance to the next levels.

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The Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game consists of a bird launcher, multiple wooden pieces, three Angry Birds and four pigs. Playing this board game consists of drawing cards of various points, building a structure on this card and then destroying it with your bird launcher.

Different birds can be used for different rules and levels of the game. More fun and excitement is added to the game because of the fourth level mission cards which allow for far more creativity on part of the players.

Introduced for the first time in May 2011, Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game is a great holiday present for children. You can bring the virtual fund of building and taking down obstacles to your living room and involve your entire family by challenging each other to games and different levels.

You can even start experimenting with distances that is, different players can try hitting the pig castles from varying distances to see how far and precise you can hit the egg stealing pigs.