Air Swimmers Shark and ClownfishAir Swimmers Shark and Clownfish swim through the air with unbelievably life-like motion. A wondrous joy for gift recipients for the coming holidays, the Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish & Shark can make a surprising present.

These astounding clownfish and shark with durable electronic technology adapted (with remote controller) can provide fun-filled moments indoor even in the narrowest of spaces (this toy is strictly for indoor use only).

That weird-looking shark and colorful clownfish hovering your ceiling will not give you a nightmare but instead you would find them amazing knowing they are just toys and yet they come alive.

A company called WMC is marketing a line of products called Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish & Shark. They are actually powered through remote-control operation.

The toy will function on 4 pieces of AAA-sized batteries for each of the shark and clownfish (one in each body, three each for the remote controller) They can perform a complete up and down floating and flying movement, and can even turn in a 360 degree angle.

The Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish & Shark has an infrared controller so it works on line of sight. It enables the toy to descend, climb, and control its fin and tail.  It measures a range of 40 feet, 57 inches in length with tail, and 36 inches its width if with fins.

Both the clownfish and the shark are fetched at at very low prices.  To buy or not to buy? Why not? The price does not harm your budget too much to give your kids a whole lot of excitement that’s worth it.

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But, do not wonder what your cats and dogs would think. And by the way, the Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish & Shark is not for outdoors use because wind and drafts would make it impossible to control.

Helium gas is needed to fill in those Air Swimmers Shark and Clownfish … and you can get that at $1 at any grocery, party favors store, or florist shop that makes and sells balloons.  It will take around half an hour to put all things together for each toy before they get functional.

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Once they got tethered with a fish line and with the help of other helpful hands, enabling it to the desired position up on air, the show will begin. The bodies of the toys are made of durable, high quality, hard-wearing material (nylon) that can withstand inflated for more than a week or so, but of course you can refill it again and again to maintain their good forms.

You will not even notice that it is not doing fine; it stabilizes in a heartbeat, and when it gains the balance it needs, the air swimmer is surprisingly became easy to control because it swims so slowly like afloat in the air. As you view this sight, it will keep on entertaining your wild imagination. Just when you thought you are safer out of the water!

One of the coolest gizmos around, the Air Swimmers Shark and Clownfish is just great fun for kid’s parties, family get-togethers, or just about any function of the day.

Once filled with helium, the remote controlled toys swim an incredibly come-alive motion on soft air flowing swiftly, smoothly and oh so splendid! Remote control toys have never come to life just as magically!